Garijo Baigorri is a top quality snacks brand.

Its products are made in an artisan form, however certified by the some of the most Certifications and Quality Audits.

Uses the best ingredients in the production of its product families:

Olive oil pan fried vegetable crisps

Olive Oil, Pan Fried, Crispy Beetroot

Olive Oil, Pan Fried, Vegetable Crisps

Amazingly thin, olive pan fried potato chips

Artisanal Fried Chips

Artisanal Olive Fried Chips

Artisanal Extra Virgin Olive, Fried Chips

Artisanal Fried Chips with Wasabi

Artisanal Fried Chips with Beetroot Juice

Mix Agria e Bleue de la Manche Artisanal Fried Chips

Fried Onion

Fried Onion

Sweet Potato

Artisanal Fried Sweet Potato Chips