Garijo Baigorri

Garijo Baigorri is a brand of Superior Quality Snacks.
The products of this brand are produced by hand, at the same time, attested with some of the most renowned Certifications and Audits of Quality.The best ingredients are used in the production of its most important product families.


TEKMAR is a stable family company  founded in 1996. For more than 20  years, TEKMAR has been offering  products in line with healthy lifestyle  and healthy food trends to everyone  who wants and  needs something  more. TEKMAR develops new products and  concepts to deliver premium quality.

Good Good

The “Good Good” natural sweeteners from Via Health are a healthy and convenient sugar replacement for everyday use. They are made with highest quality stevia leaves, contain no calories and do not affect blood sugar levels. Look for “Good Good” sweeteners in a variety of styles and packaging ready to sweeten your life.

Moo Free Chocolates

Each of these luxury free-from chocolate bars are made using high quality, ethically sourced, ingredients including the finest, single origin organic cocoa from plantations in the Dominican Republic. We then combine this with raw, unrefined, organic cane sugar and organic rice powder to produce an award winning, velvety smooth, milk chocolate flavour that just melts in the mouth. Unlike conventional milk chocolate we use more cocoa, which means these bar have a massive 45% cocoa and lower sugar content. Being made from Dominican Republic cocoa these bars have a lovely fruity note.

NELEMAN Organic Wine

100% Organic and Vegan friendly wines

Bodegas Neleman is located in Casas del Rey, one of the area´s highest points situated in Natural Park Hoces del Cabriel (UNESCO Biosphere Reserve), Valencia. The very unique biodiversity and terroir of this area gives our wines a very special character of authenticity and uniqueness.

Organic Celia

The Žatec region, where our loved Organic Celia is made, is famous worldwide for the  quality of its hops. The cultivation of hop plants has been documented historically as early as the 10th century. The brewery’s cornerstone was laid on June 20, 1798, on the site of a destroyed royal castle, and after two years of construction, the company announced the commencement of brewing on July 26, 1800.
The brewery Žatecký pivovar, spol. s.r.o., considered as one of the best breweries of Czech Republic, uses traditional open vats and bottom fermentation, which allows the taste to stay with the beer.