TEKMAR is a stable family company  founded in 1996. For more than 20  years, TEKMAR has been offering  products in line with healthy lifestyle  and healthy food trends to everyone  who wants and  needs something  more. We develop new products and  concepts to deliver premium quality.
Each product associated with the TEKMAR name represents innovation and originality. It is the result of a vision to provide its customers with a set of nutritional benefits and products, rich in both the content and the taste.

Müsli in Yoghurt

If you sometimes have a sweet tooth and you want to avoid calorie heavy products. If you have no time for lunch and you need to get full fast. Or if you just walked out of the gym and you need to restore your energy for the rest of the day. You should definitely have TEKMAR Muesli Bar in Yoghurt with you. A combination of yoghurt, juicy fruit and fibre will surely make you full. Pick up your favourite one from the wide range of fruit flavours available. Everyone will surely find their own favourite.

Yoghurt Bar Apple.

Yoghurt Bar Maçã e Canela

Yoghurt Bar Apricot.

Musli in Yoghurt Damasco

Yoghurt Bar Strawberry.

Musli in Yoghurt Morango

Nut Bar

These delicious snacks from TEKMAR come in attractive flavours dipped on the bottom in yoghurt or cocoa coating. It is a popular premium bar made of first-class ingredients and carefully selected fruits and nuts. A delicious taste for all sweets lovers, to accompany a cup of tea or coffee, should not be missed in any “first aid kit when having a sweet tooth”.

Nuts & Honey.

Nuts & Honey Nozes e mel

Nuts & Fruit.

Frutas e frutos secos

Nuts & Seeds.

Frutos secos e Sementes

Juicy Bar

For those who eat sweets with no regrets, we have a “crazy” juicy titbit called Juicy bar. Made of crunchy cereals with an original fruit flavoured jelly layer and smooth chocolate glaze. Craving sweets after lunch? Try TEKMAR’s Juicy bar. You will experience a sweet fruity jelly sin. This bar is a delight at work, during school breaks or when travelling…Thanks to their attractive packaging, finding and eating them will be a piece of cake.

Juicy Bar Lime.

Juicy Bar Lima-Limão

Juicy Bar Raspberry.

Juicy Bar Framboesa

Juicy Bar Orange.

Juicy Bar Laranja