The Žatec region is famous worldwide for the quality of its hops. The cultivation of hop plants has been documented historically as early as the 10th century. The brewery’s cornerstone was laid on June 20, 1798, on the site of a destroyed royal castle, and after two years of construction, the company announced the commencement of brewing on July 26, 1800.

Žatec uses traditional open vats and bottom fermentation, which allows the taste to stay with the beer.

The lagering takes place 80 feet underground, which is ideal for maintaining the consistent cold conditions required for lagering.

The original process and authentic ingredients give a well balanced malt, hops and fruit finish. Indeed, a beer as beer used to be.

Žatec is naturally carbonated through the fermentation stage. At no time is any CO2 added – giving a less gassy taste.

Brand products available in Portugal

Žatec ORGANIC CELIA – Organic & Gluten Free Czech Beer

Žatec Organic CELIA is a Certified Organic Gluten-free beer, whose mission is to give pleasant experience of drinking beer to the people for whom beer was until now almost forbidden chamber. CELIA is a light lager, that is made by using unique patented way, which preserves the typical taste of our traditionally brewed Czech lager and enables it to be consumed by people suffering from celiac disease, who can´t drink the common types of beers. Also those who follow a non-gluten diet for other reasons can now enjoy a truly great beer.

Volume de Alcohol:    4.5 %


Gold Medal at the gluten free beer category at the most recognized world beer contest, the World Beer Awards 2016


What specialists say about Žatec…

Roger Protz, doyen of British beer writers, said Žatec- «the beer has a delightful fruit aroma and palate… a well-balanced malt, hops and fruit finish…»